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Option a why do we love junk food? 1 most of us know junk food is unhealthy. we know that poor nutrition is related to heart disease, high blood 2 pressure, and other health problems, including depression. but if eating junk food is so bad for us, why do we keep 3 doing it? 4 food companies are spending millions to design foods with addictive sensations. they make food more addictive 5 in many ways: they combine different sensations in the same food, like a crispy shell with something soft inside; for 6 example, a slice of pizza, or an oreo cookie. they build textures that dissolve in your mouth, which is a signal to your 7 brain that you’re not eating as much as you are, even though you are eating plenty of calories. the result: you tend to 8 overeat. 9 the brain also plays an important role. when you eat something succulent, your brain registers that feeling. the 10 next time you see or smell that food, you recall the memories that came when you ate it. these memories can cause 11 physical responses, like the “mouth-watering” desire that you get when thinking about your favourite foods. 12 what can we do about it? research shows that the less junk food you eat, the less you need it. here are three 13 strategies that might help. first, avoid buying processed foods. second, eat a variety of foods to keep things 14 interesting. finally, find a better way to deal with your stress. stress causes the brain to liberate the same chemicals 15 that are released when you desire fat and sugar, which will make you want to eat junk food. in order to deal with 16 stress, you could take physical exercise or learn breathing techniques. 16. give a question for the underlined words: “food companies spend millions on specialised research.” prueba de selectividad, andalucia, reserva b 2015-2016, ingles

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